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Alat Laboratorium - PD. Karya Mitra Usaha

Alat Laboratorium
Airflow Meters, Borescopes, Cable Testers, Calibrators, Clamp-On Meters, Electrical, Testers, Gas Analyzers/Testers, Humidity Meters, Lab Instruments, Light Meters, Moisture Meters, MultiMeters, Oscilloscopes, Power Analyzers, Power Supplies, Pressure Meters, Refractometers, Sound Meters, Specialty Meters, topwatches/Timers/Clocks, Tachometers/Stroboscopes, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Thermometers, Water Quality Meters, Agriculture, Anemometer, Autoclave, B.O.D, Balance & , Moisture Balance, Biological Safety Cabinet, Blender, C.O.D Thermoreactor, Calorimeters, Centrifuge, Colony Counter, Dew Point Meter, Dispenser, Electric Bunsen, Electronic overhead stirrers, Electronic Tester, Extraction Mantles, Fume Hood, Furnace, Gas Detection, Heating Mantle, Hot Plate, Hot Plate & Stirrer, Humidity, Jar Test, Kjeldahl, Laminar Air Flow, Lux Meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Meteorogical, Multi Mantles, Oscilloscope, Refractometer, Polarimeter, Rotary Evaporator, Shaking Machine, Sound Level, Spectrophotometer, Stomacher, Texture Analyzer, Thermometer, Ultrasonic cleaner, Vacuum Equipment, Vibration Meter, Viscometer, Vortex Mixer, Water Analysis, Water Distilling, Water Testing, Waterbath, Abrasion Testers, Acidity Meter, Air Showers, Applicators, Balances, Brix Meters, Chloride Meters, Circulators, Cleanroom Equipment, Climatic Testing Chamber, CO / CO2 Meters, CO2 Incubator, Coating Rods, Coating Testing Equipment, Coating Thickness Gauge, COD Testing, Colour Measurement, Conductivity Meters, Corrosion Testers, Data Loggers, Dehumifiers, Density Meters, Dessicators, Diggestion Apparatus, Dispensing, DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Meter, Flame Photometer, Flow Meters, Fluorimeters, Glassware, Gloss Meters, Grinding Mills, Heat Index Testers, Heat Seal Testers, Heating Blocks, Homogenisers, Hygrometers, Impact Testers, Incubators, Ion Selective - ISE, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, Level Meters, Loupes, Magnifiers, Manometers, Melt Flow Indexers, Melting Point Apparatus, Microplate Readers, Microscopes, Mills, Mixers, Multi Parameter Instrument, Oil Baths, Osmometers, Ovens, Oxygen Meters, Paint Testing Equipment, Permeation Testers, pH Meters, Photometers, Pipettors, Polarimeters, Psychrometer, Pumps, Reagents, Refrigerated Baths, Refrigeration, Rotary Evaporators, Salinity Meters, Salt Meter, Sample Preparation Equipment, Shakers, Shaking Water Baths, Sieve, Spectrophotometers, Sterilisers, Stiffness Testers, Stirrers and Stirrer Hotplates, Stomachers, Sugar Testing Equipment, Super Sale Items, Tachometers, TDS Meters, Temperature Logger, Temperature Test Chamber, Tensile Strength Testers, Thermal Cyclers, Thermoreactor, Thermoregulators, Thermostatic Baths, Timers and Stopwatches, Titrators, TSS Meters, Turbidity Meters, Ultrasonic Baths, Universal Testing Machines, UV Lamps and Cabinets, Vacuum Gauge & Controller, Vacuum Oven, TSS Meters, Turbidity Meters, Ultrasonic Baths, Universal Testing Machines, UV Lamps and Cabinets, Vacuum Gauge & Controller, Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Pumps, Viscometers, Water Baths, Water Purification, Water Still, Weathering Testers, Xenon Test Chambers. | |  

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Karya Mitra Mulia

Jl. MH Thamrin Ruko Amsterdam blok C-22 lantai 2
Sentul City - Bogor - Jawa Barat - Indonesia, 16810

  • Tel:  021 - 879 62 295 
  • Fax: 021 - 879 61 585
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